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A way to say no to violences against women…

Meetez du rouge

Meetez du rougeDear Friends!

After a long period of hesitation I finally took the decision to participate to the mouvement “METTEZ DU ROUGE” – add some red – I accepted to pose with red lipstick, to say no to violences against women! As Ptrick Poivre D’Avor, Patrick Bruel etc. We are many others whom have joined this troop of men who accepted to express themselves, calling to respect women right arround the world! Real men respect women! Real men protect women!


pere noel interdit

pere noel interditMillions of people have grown up with Christmas carols that many people still find so soothing and enjoyable even today. Many millions of Christians (and even some non-believers) have grown up and lived with the Christmas spirit. Christmas was, and still is, all about love, sharing, peace and unity, as we have learned since childhood. However, in recent years, other ideas have emerged and have begun to take root here and there.

Let’s focus on the United States, for example. It’s a country known for its extravagant celebrations and very beautiful Christmas trees. But today, for the sake of political-correctness, secularism or simply to be inoffensive, speaking about “Christmas” at school in many regions of this country is prohibited. And even worse, the Christmas tree (in locations where it’s still permissible to put one up) has had its festive name diluted to the “Year-End Celebration” tree.

Question! why do we have to deprive another of their holiday, “just a celebration” that makes them happy, simply because someone else doesn’t participate or believe in it? Would it not be better to use this as an opportunity to teach young people about “living in harmony”?

Today we see a lot of articles or blog posts, where many are complaining or criticizing the schools’ ban on visits from Santa Claus and the disappearance of Christmas trees in many places in the United States, and in France etc. This is happening in places where traditionally, these trees were put up every year, much to the delight of hundreds or thousands of passersby. It seems that secularism today isn’t synonymous with diversity, tolerance, cultural exchange, or knowing or learning from one another.

Why not celebrate Christmas, when those who have always done so, have done so in the name of love, sharing, joy, life and light?

Why not celebrate Christmas, when we hear stories about the number of “unofficial truces” on the fronts between English and German soldiers during the First World War – short truces that enabled soldiers from both sides to exchange gifts and sing Christmas carols before resuming battle?

Why not celebrate Christmas, when even in this difficult situation, this holiday may have given the next soldier to be killed a chance to have lived a little bit longer, even if just long enough to enjoy a Christmas carol?

Why not celebrate Christmas, the magical day when children receive gifts, people go to church, others stay at home to pray, groups take the opportunity to make donations, while still others are happy to celebrate and enjoy the moment, and when for thousands of people, it’s simply the most wonderful day in their short lives?

Christian, Jewish, Muslim and secular holidays have always existed. They have survived the test of time; they have co-existed…That’s the magic word…Yet today we find ourselves at this point…

Anyway, for those of you who love Christmas, the end may be coming very soon. If somewhere you happen to see a Christmas tree or Santa Claus in person, approach quickly, as the party appears to be almost over.

Francklin Pierre Tenyi II / Twitter: @Tenyi2

The ‘Event it up’ campaign was lounched arround the world / Sent by Karina from Blog Action Day

blog action day

 blog action dayFriends,

A little over two weeks ago we came together from 116 countries to share our thoughts, inspiring stories and issues about inequality with the world.  It was an amazing few days, and the Blog Action Day team could not be more pleased by what we achieved together.

In a few weeks the Blog Action Day team will be getting in touch to ask you, to help us shape our planning for Blog Action Day 2015.

In the meantime the Blog Action Day team wanted to let you know that our key partner Oxfam, has launched a global campaign on inequality. We encourage you to get involved so you can continue talking (and taking action) on inequality.

Please take a few moments to read about Oxfam’s campaign below.

All the best

Karina and Jason
Blog Action Day team 


Dear supporter,

Thank you for being involved in the Blog Action Day this year. Your commitment in spreading the message about inequality – one of the defining issues of our times – is extremely valuable.

Today, Oxfam is launching a global campaign to end extreme inequality – Even It Up. Campaigners in 37 countries are uniting behind the call for a more equal world. How is it fair that a select few have more money than they could spend in several lifetimes, while millions of people around the world struggle to buy food for their families or send their children to school?

Such extreme inequality is threatening to undo much of the progress made over the past 20 years in tackling poverty. Oxfam knows that inequality is not inevitable. It is the consequence of economic and political choices.

Together, campaigners can challenge the rules that are rigged in favour of the richest, and leaving the rest behind. You could play a critical role in making the campaign’s launch a success.

We’d like you to continue the work you did on #BAD2014 by writing about ‘Even it Up’ on your blog and spreading the message in any way you can.

To help you with this we have created a pack of content, including:

  • Sharegraphics for you to share on social media platforms·
  • ‘Even it up’ Facebook/twitter profile icons and cover images
  • Killer facts about inequality, tax, public services and gender
  • ·Suggested tweets and Facebook updates

We’re in this for the long-haul. We know we can’t solve the inequality crisis overnight. Over the coming months and years, we’ll be taking on governments and big business to make sure they deliver the real change needed to reverse the trend of rising inequality.

From targeting big corporations whose tax dodging activities help deny developing countries billions in revenue, to demanding policies that can close the gender gap, you can play a key role in amplifying the call to ‘Even It Up’ and raise extreme inequality to the top of governments’ agendas.

You can join the ‘Even Up’ movement today

With best wishes,

Victoria Harnett

Memo / #Inequality / Blog Action Day #BAD2014



Inequality is not diversity friendly.
Inequality is negative difference.
Inequality only contributes to make us less powerfull.
Act egainst inequality is acting for mutual understanding and culture of peace.

Francklin Pieŕre Tenyi II

#inequality #Bad2014 #BlogAction14

The Big Exchange Days Tweetup / June 21st and 22nd !!!

Big exchange Day Diversity

Big exchange Day Diversity Dear!

I would like that you remember:

June 21st is our 2nd worldwide “Big Exchange Day” for 2014 / It is world music day (Recognized by the UN) / On that day We will exchange for creativity in music / music mixed with all types of arts or creation / Music and Diversity. We will do tweetup during all the day with HashTags #PromoteDiversity #PromoteCreativity / Follow us on twitter in order to participate with us: @kiltiris / @Tenyi2 /

Share texts, Images, sounds about music and Creativity, Fun and diversity !!!

– June 22nd our 3rd worldwide “Big Exchange Day” for the Caribbean / It is a day that we celebrate on the kiltiris platform as Caribeean Pride and Friendship Day /

We will exchange for the Caribbean identity and friendship / welcome to West Indians & Friends / We will do tweetup with HashTags: #NiceCaribbean and #PromoteDiversity. To participate, just follow us and partners on twitter: @kiltiris / @Tenyi2 / @SpcSpiog

We will  and you too please share texts, images sounds related to Caribbean and world Diversity, Creativity and Culture Exchange.
We will also share these nice tweets via Facebook and Pinterest using the same HashTags. Our own and partners Facebook and twitter pages are:

–  /  –  /  –

–  @kiltiris / @SpcSpiog / @Tenyi2 / @Pressnet360 / @Netmag360 / @FranckyGadomi

If someone or a group would like to be listed as a partner twitter of facebook page or account you are free to let us know by sending us an email or whatsapp.
Let’s do it for our world! Let’s do it for Diversity, Creativity and Exchange.

Francklin Pierre / Kiltiris Initiative Manager / Promotor and sponsor of Cultural Diversity / / Whatsapp: +509 4043-4933

The 5th Edition of A Creative Wall Voices is launched

Logo Creativewall

Logo CreativewallDear!

Today is May 21st, recognized by the UN as World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. We invite everyone who believes and votes for diverserty to celebrate this day.

We are very happy to announce that the 5th Edition of the “A Creative Wall Voices” Exhibition and contest is launched on the creative Gallery of the
Kiltiris Platform:

17 Artists from 12 countries!

As usual we will start and close the exhibition with The “Big Exchange Days” Event / Starting on May 21st, recognized by the UN as World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development / To finish on June 22nd celebrated by Francklin Pierre on kiltiris Platform as Caribbean Pride and Friendship Day.
We will do chat and Post Tagged #PromoteDiversity #PromoteCreativity / 3 days / Follow @kiltiris on Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest.
Everyone is invited and remember to invite friends.
Let’s participate to promote Creativity, Diversity and Exchange!
Francklin Pierre
Promotor and Sponsor of Cultural Diversity


Logo Creativewall
Logo Creativewall
VISUAL ARTS ONLINE CONTEST FOR DIVERSITY AND CREATIVITY : The 5th Edition of the Online Visual Arts Exhibition and Contest “A Creative Wall Voices” is launched / Artists can subscribe until April 30, 2014 / The first Prize this year will be $500 U.S. Artists: Painters, Photograhers, Drawers, Sculptors (Professional or amateur) can Visit the event page on the kiltiris platform to see how to participate:
Francklin Pierre
Sponsor of Cultural Diversity
And Community Manager
Fancebook and Twitter: Tenyi2 /