Kiltiris (  is a cross-cultural initiative created by Francklin Pierre to promote: Inter-cultural Exchange, Creativity, Diversity, Culture of Peace and Mutual Understanding.

Anybody interested or involved in above mentioned subjects can join the network, and start creating, participating or supporting intercultural groups and activities for Cultural Diversity, Creativity and Exchange.

We are West Indian!

When started in November 2001 the Project name was Caribeworld and launched as The idea was to create a club (Caribbean and world brothers’ Club). To promote the Caribbean Identity by encouraging the Caribbean West indian people to create intercultural activities, groups and connections, between themselves and the rest of the world.

Kiltiris / 2012

On May  31st 2008 the was created and the intercultural and creative activity (A Creative Wall Voices – CWV-2008) was launched few months later during the same year. 2009 The community was created on ning. 2012, the decision was taken to include more people, to create something for the world. became kiltiris (

The network was closed on ning early in 2013, but reopened on August 2013. “Kiltiris is from the creole world K I L T I which means Culture; Kiltiris is like culturalism”.

I’m acting for Cultures Exchange, Cultural Diversity, Creativity, Culture of peace and Mutual Understand arround the world.

Francklin Pierre / Cultural Diversity Sponsor and Community Manager

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